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Hello! My name is Harold Bonacquist. My wife is Lucy Walters Bonacquist, daughter of the late Lt. Cmd. Robert Earl Walters (USNR). I never met Bob; he died shortly after Lucy and I met. Like me, Bob was a photographer. I have his camera: A Kodak Retina IIIC - A very solid and well-respected model. Bob mainly (or perhaps exclusively) shot slides; Lucy tells the story of the family gathering around the projector to view those slides. Lucy now possesses 1,347 of those slides, and we have been curating them. The earliest slides date from 1953, when the family was stationed in Hawaii. The latest is from 1981, when Lucy's brother Rob graduated from Virginia tech. Wander around this site and let us know what you think! Particularly if you knew Robert, and have some information you'd like to share, feel free to post your thoughts! Happy browsing!